Benefits of a Portable Hot Tub

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Benefits of a Portable Hot TubHave you ever wondered why people love using a portable hot tub? Maybe you can’t think what the benefits of a portable hot tub could be.

Today we’re going to give you reasons to buy a portable hot tub and let you know what benefits you can get from using one.

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Why should you buy a portable hot tub?

Cheaper price

The difference in the price of a portable hot tub compared to an installed permanent hot tub can be quite substantial. You can buy a portable hot tub for under $500 and it doesn’t need a professional to set it up. This means that it is an affordable choice for many families and as it isn’t a permanent fixture so it can be taken with you if you move house.


Although the permanent hot tub is made of solid material and fixed in place it isn’t any more enjoyable or comfortable to use than a portable hot tub. These hot tubs are made of a strong, triple layer reinforced pvc material. The Coleman Lay Z Spa is constructed with i-beam technology so that the side walls are strong enough to sit on.

Easy to install

You get the benefit with a portable hot tub to place it in your garden or on your balcony, if it can hold the weight. The hot tub can even be installed in the garage or basement. You have more flexibility to choose where to put it especially if you don’t own your own home as you may not have permission to install a permanent tub. It can be moved around to suit yourself, in the garden in the summer and indoors in the winter.

Comfortable to sit in

With a portable hot tub being inflated it is comfortable enough when leaning against it, like leaning against a cushion. The tubs often come with a cushioned ground mat to sit it on and give you extra comfort. There are also options to buy inflatable cushions to sit on, headrests, cup holders and even light shows to give the best spa experience.

Different size options

You can get portable hot tubs in different sizes to suit you space availability and family size. The smaller ones are usually around 72 inches in diameter and fit 2-4 people. The standard size as in the Coleman Lay Z Spa is 77 inches in diameter and fits 4-6 people. Then the larger size is 85 inches in diameter and fits 6 people. The comfort level depends on the number and size of the people who use it at the same time.

Health Benefits of a portable hot tub

Relieves Arthritis

Heat treatment can soothe stiff and painful joints according to and this includes soaking in a spa hot tub. Hot water is often used for pain relief. It helps by opening the blood vessels to allow better circulation and can help relax muscles surrounding painful joints. It’s been found in studies that continued use of water therapy can reduce inflammation. Being able to submerge your whole body in the relaxing heat with the gentle bubble massage can give full body relief, as many arthritis sufferers have pain in different parts of the body. Most of the portable hot tubs like the Colemans Lay Z Spa have adjustable heat control so you can set the water temperature to the level that is most comfortable and beneficial to you.

Relieves Stress

When you are in a stressful job or if you are going through stressful times at home it can affect your whole life as you find it difficult to switch off and relax. You get the benefit of total relaxation when you can soak in warm water of a hot tub. The weightlessness helps take the stress off your muscles. The bubble massage can gently knead your muscles and improve circulation, making you feel rejuvenated.

Can help you sleep

Some people have a lot of bother trying to sleep. Sometimes it’s hard to unwind and when things are running through your mind you can’t relax your body either. Using a portable hot tub on a regular basis as part of you night time routine can relax your muscles and also calm the mind. If you’re having to rely on sleeping pills or tranquilisers you might have a problem with some side effects. This relaxation in a hot tub can offer an alternative solution with no side effects.

Help with diabetes

There are studies which have shown that regular 30 minute hot tub usage can be of benefit to diabetics. The blood sugar levels reduced over a 3 week period. It’s believed that the results are due to the increased blood flow to the muscles.


Apart from the social aspect of having a portable hot tub where you can share time relaxing with your family and friends there are some important health benefits that can be had by using it. Whatever the reasons are that you decided to look into owning your own portable hot tub you can pick one up for a reasonable cost in a size to suit from If you don’t want to spend too much money while you try out the benefits of a portable hot tub for yourself you could check out the Coleman Lay Z Spa which offers a bubble massage for a reasonable outlay.

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