Best Portable Hot Tubs For Summer 2018




Best Portable Hot Tubs For Summer 2018

Well it’s that time of year again, Summer is here and at this time of year we like to make the most of the outdoors especially the garden. One of the best ways you can enjoy the warm weather is enjoying your own spa in the back garden.

If you like to have friends over for a BBQ why not suggest they bring a swimsuit and offer them some bubble relaxation as well. The benefit of a portable hot tub is that you can set it up yourself and within a day or two you can be sharing those bubbles or just keep them all to yourself. If you want some ideas on the Best Portable Hot Tubs For Summer 2018 check out our choices below.

Best Seller Portable Hot Tub – Intex 77 inch Purespa

Intex 77 inch PurespaThe Intex 77in PureSpa is a best seller portable hot tub that is a standard sized 4 person tub. The tub is a tan color and made from a tri-tech material which gives it stability and strength so you can sit on the side when getting in and it won’t buckle under your weight.

The Intex 77 inch retails around $400 which brings it into the financial reach of the average family. The hot tub is easily inflated with the included pump unit which is also used to heat and filter the water and to run the bubble massage. This Purespa also has a hard water treatment system which helps to keep furring from the heating element.

The bubbles are created through 120 bubble jet holes around the base of the tub and you can use these bubbles for 30 minutes at a time. The heater can bring the temperature up to the level you find comfortable and a chemical dispenser helps with the water maintenance routine for safe bathing.

All tubs come with an inflatable cover to keep the heat in when you’re not using it and to keep leaves and critters out. At the end of the summer season you can easily drain down the Purespa hot tub and pack it away in the storage bag included till next year. If you want a hot tub that can hold 4 people the check this one out.

Best 6 Person Hot Tub – Intex Pure Spa 6-Person

Intex 6 person hot tubIf you’re looking for a larger portable hot tub then a 6 person might be the one for you. The size of this Intex PureSpa 6-Person hot tub is 85 inches in diameter and should seat 6 people so perfect if you want to do some entertaining or if you just want more space for your family.

This is made to the Intex specification of a triple thickness outer which offers protection against tears and durability for continuous use. The side are strong enough to sit on and comfortable to lean against while sitting in the water.

This Intex 6 person hot tub retails less than $500 and reflects the larger size and the fact that this tub comes with 2 headrest accessories. The inflation can be as quick as 20 minutes but the filling and heating of the tub can take 24 hours. The control pump is easy to use from inflation of the tub to heating the water. You can adjust the temperature, switch on filtration and enjoy a bubble massage at the touch of a button. There is also a chlorine dispenser to add chemicals for water maintenance.

If a you prefer to go large then check this one out.

Best Budget Hot Tub – Goplus 4 Person Hot Tub

If you want to enjoy the benefits and pleasure of your own back yard hot tub but money is a limiting factor then check out this Goplus 4 Person Hot Tub which retails at just over $320 for the cream colored option. This hot tub is a smaller 4 person tub with a diameter of 71 inches. Although these small tubs can seat 4 people it is a tight fit and is probably better suited to 2 people.

This Goplus 4 person tub is made from a durable coated pvc material and the digitally controlled pump is slightly different on this hot tub as it is situated inside the wall of the hot tub. You can still use the pump to inflate your tub because they include an inflation hose that can connect to both and it can be done very quickly. The controls have simple to use touch buttons for the heater, temperature adjustment and the 130 bubble jets so nothing is complicated.

There is a hard water treatment system as part of the pump and the replaceable filter just screws on. Like all hot tubs you will need to use chemical water maintenance for safe bathing. The tub comes with a cover to keep the heat in which clips on to hold it in place. This is a good priced hot tub if you’re on a tight budget.

Best Portable Hot Tub For Two – SaluSpa Siena AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

If you don’t have space for a larger tub or just want a cosy 2 person choice then look no further than the SaluSpa Siena AirJet Hot Tub.

This Siena has a gray colored outer and is shaped a little bit like a boat with 2 narrow ends and a wider centre. This tub is meant for 2 people to use with 1 person at each end. Like the other inflatable tubs it is made of triple thickness vinyl with an electrical pump that attaches to the side.

The pump is used to inflate the tub as well as controlling the heat, filtration and the bubble massage. The Siena hot tub has handles in the middle of each side to make it easier to get in and out with extra padding at the seating area on each side for comfort.

You have 120 bubble massage jets around the base of the tub to give you the best in relaxation. There is an inflatable cover which can be clipped on to hold in the heat and there is also a small table that fits across the centre of the tub for you to place a drink on if you need it. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner.

Best Portable Plug And Play Hot Tub – Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity

Lifesmart Rock Solid SimplicityIf you’re looking for a hot tub that is a little more solid this summer then check out this Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity hot tub. Plug and play types of hot tub are exactly what they say, you literally put them in place, add water, plug them in to heat the water and use the massage.

The tubs are quite heavy to move into place but once there it’s very easy to use. It’s made of an eco plastic material and the seating area is moulded into shape.

You do have a little bit of assembly on the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity hot tub as you need to fit the buckles for the cover before you fill it with water. The cover is included and is thickly padded with a fold in the middle so you can fold it back to check on the water.

The heater and pump unit is fitted inside the walls of the tub and is accessed through a panel on one side. The unit is fully automatic so that all you need to do is set the temperature you desire and it will just keep it at that heat. There are jets and a waterfall feature which can have the force of the water adjusted with a couple of knobs on the top of the tub. There is also some mood lighting. The filter is accessed from the top of the tub and is easily washed off so that you can re-use. This tub is a little more expensive but you do have the ability to use it all year round.


If you have decided to invest in a portable hot tub I hope you have seen something you like in our Best Portable Hot Tubs For Summer 2018. This is a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones for fun and relaxation. There’s nothing better than you’re own hot tub to use every day of the summer so why not check one out today.