Best Rated Portable Hot Tub




Best Rated Portable Hot Tub

On this page we’re going to be looking at what we believe to be the best rated portable hot tub.

We’re going to be looking at the considerations that people are looking for in a portable hot tub and how our choice fits in with those considerations.

Of course customer opinion is the most important thing because if people aren’t buying and liking it, it won’t get to be the best.

Our Choice: The Coleman lay z spa inflatable hot tub

Factors Taken Into Consideration:

#1. Cost

For most people, if they are looking for a portable hot tub then cost is a major consideration. To buy a static, installed hot tub you are going to be paying thousands of dollars, and depending if you are living in your own home or renting, it’s a big investment.

The cost of a portable hot tub brings it into the financial range of many more people and if you are renting, there is no construction required just a space required to place it on, and then it can be emptied and taken with you if you move home.

The costs of a portable hot tub range from around $300 to over $1000 depending on the make and what is included in the package. TheColeman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub comes in under $600 at the time of writing. So it’s in the average price range for this size of hot tub which is a thumbs up from us.

#2. Construction

The construction of your inflatable hot tub needs to be strong and stable enough to allow for continued use and potentially folding it up and putting it away for wintertime a few times.

The Coleman hot tub has a puncture-resistant exterior made with a 3 ply reinforced material. It also has a polyester mesh within the layers adding extra durability and strength.

The walls are built using I-Beam construction which means they are strong enough to allow you to sit on the side without them collapsing. So another thumbs up for the Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

#3. Water Filtration

Having your own personal hot tub is a great luxury, but there is still work that needs to be done to keep that water sparkling clean and pleasant to sit in. First of all, it needs an installed filter, as most hot tubs do, this will need to be cleaned regularly and changed often.

Spares need to be available easily to make this doable. Coleman filters are available on, so easy to get.

You will also need pool chemicals to keep the water disinfected and safe from harmful microorganisms. Most hot tubs come supplied with a floater for chemicals but don’t supply any, so you will need to find a supplier of test strips and all chemicals to adjust the water to the right levels.

#4. Jet Options

The next consideration is the jet options. You have 2 main options in a portable hot tub, bubble jets and directional water jets. They really do what their name says, the bubble jets supply air bubbles up from holes around the base of the tub.

The size of the tub usually denotes the number of bubble jet holes in the base. For the user, the number of holes doesn’t really equate to the feel of the bubbles and they are usually surprisingly strong and relaxing. The water bubbles are usually created from the air outside so they can cool down the temperature of the water in the hot tub.

The directional water jets are similar to normal hot tubs where you can move the jet around to point to a certain part of your body. The benefit of these is they still agitate the water giving a relaxing experience, but they are normally quieter and they also draw water from the tub so the cool-down isn’t as quick.

Usually, with both types you can’t use the heater at the same time as the jets, and if it has both types of jets you can only use one at a time and not both together. Something to be aware of. The Lay Z Spa Hot Tub comes with bubble jets only.

#5. Covers

Most inflatable pools come with a fitted inflatable cover. This is definitely essential because the main cost of your pool is the water heating, so you need to make sure you have a well-fitted cover.

Preferably with locking straps for holding it in place and to help as a safety feature if you have children or curious animals. Locking covers aren’t childproof so don’t leave children unattended around your hot tub.

The cover is also required to help stop debris from blowing into the pool when not in use. The Coleman Hot Tub comes with an inflatable cover included.

#6. Ambience

By this we mean, any included sound system, light system, and color of the tub itself. The Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub is green on the outside and white on the inside, it will fit well in any garden.

There is no sound system or any facility within the tub and also no light system either although if you are interested in a hot tub with internal lights check out this review on the Intex 28441EP. So no extras in this area, be prepared to pay extra for that.

#7. Accessories

For most hot tubs there are parts that can be replaced. Usually, you have to go to the manufacturer for individual parts and the lists and numbers are usually in the included manual.

Coleman hot tub parts are all listed in the manual although they do supply a patch for external repair in case of puncture. Spare filters are available in packs on

For other accessories including seating, most that are available are inflatable hot tub accessories, you can get an inflatable bench, a molded plastic seat, headrests, and cupholders with a snack tray that fits over the side of the hot tub. All are available on

#8. Warranty

At the end of the day you want to be assured that you have a warranty in case anything goes wrong with your hot tub. In any product with working parts, there is a chance of breakdown.

Warranty is usually at least 1 year although it may be different for different parts, as that tends to be the standard. If you buy from a reputable supplier like they usually take care of you.

With the Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub, there are 360 days on the heater/pump unit, 180 days on the pool liner/tub, and 30 days on hoses and fittings.

For us, the Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub covers all of customer’s requirements in some degree and overall we have voted it our Best Rated Portable Hot Tub it is also one of the best selling on

Buy the Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub at