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Essential SS244247003 Devotion - 24 Jet Hot TubIt’s at this time of the year that we start to think of outdoor living, making the most of our gardens and to enjoy the good weather. What better way to spend time outside than in your own portable hot tub.

If you want to relax in the evenings when you get home from work then why not check out the Essential SS244247003 Devotion – 24 Jet Hot Tub. Spend time relaxing your aching muscles at the end of the day or just enjoy some company with someone special and having your own jacuzzi is a great way to do it.

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Check out the Essential SS244247003 Devotion – 24 Jet Hot Tub a smaller hot tub that is easy to install.

Essential SS244247003 Devotion – 24 Jet Hot Tub Review


  • 24 power stainless steel jets
  • Seating for 2-3 people including lounger
  • No electrical connections required with a GFCI cord
  • 1kW/4kW Balboa all-season stainless steel heater for year-round use
  • Complete with a heavy-duty tapered insulated cover with locking clips

The Essential SS244247003 is what you call a portable plug and play hot tub. What that means is that the hot tub itself comes to you in one piece, you have to get it into the place you want it (it will be heavy) then plug it in. You will want a dedicated socket outside but other than that it is 110v and doesn’t need any other special wiring.

This Devotion hot tub is made of acrylic and has moulded seating. It seats 2-3 people with one of the seats being a lounger so you can stretch out. It’s a great size if you are limited in space in your garden or on your deck at 60″x84″x35″. It has an outer cabinet which has a classical look of wood but needs no maintenance and is just wipe clean. The great thing about these moulded one piece hot tubs is that they are filled between the shaped seating area and the outer cabinet with insulating foam to give you the best chance of keeping the heat inside the tub.

Once you have your 2 person hot tub in place you need to check the connection using the GFCI cord and if all is ok it only needs to be filled with water. Then you’re ready to add the filter and start the water heating. The pump for the bubbles and the water heater is situated inside the outer cabinet which you can access by removing a couple of screws holding on the removable panel.

You shouldn’t need to access it too often as all of the controls you need are on the top of the hot tub. Once you select the temperature level you prefer your Essential hot tub will start heating up and it will keep the water at that temperature for when you are ready to enjoy using your spa. You have a thick insulated cover with locking clips that sits on the top of your hot tub so you don’t get heat loss from the top. You need to use the hot tub cover whenever it’s going to be unused.

Don’t forget your water maintenance though, as with all types of pool or hot tub you need to use chemicals to keep the water safe and check it regularly. If you’re not sure what to use you can check with your local pool shop or you can buy kits from

There are 24 power stainless steel jets to give you that water agitation and they are situated towards your back, legs and feet. They are adjustable so you can direct them to areas on your body where you need that bit of extra massage. The button for the massage is on the control panel next to the temperature settings. There is an underwater led light to light everything up in the dark and headrests are included so that you can lean back comfortably while soaking the stresses of the day away.

If you’re looking for a portable spa that you can use all year round then a plug and play type is the best to go for as it can handle the drop in outside temperature.

Customer Opinion

Customers are finding that they love this hot tub, they find it very comfortable and quiet even though the jets are powerful. They have found it fits well in a small space and the cover is tilted so the rain doesn’t sit on top.

One customer felt it would be better if there was a double arm rest for more comfort and would have liked it to be a bit longer to stretch out in. They also had problems replacing the cover on the side.


If you want a 2 person hot tub that doesn’t take up too much space, doesn’t take any specialist installation, has plenty of adjustable water jets and you can use it all year round then you won’t go wrong if you invest in the Essential SS244247003 Devotion – 24 Jet Hot Tub. It’s not the cheapest hot tub and you could go and look at an inflatable hot tub for 2 if price is a big issue but you will have to store it away in the cold weather.

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