Having Fun With Your Coleman Saluspa 4 Person Hot Tub




Having Fun With Your Coleman Saluspa 4 Person Hot Tub
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Coleman Saluspa 4 person

Having fun with your Coleman Saluspa 4 person hot tub in your back garden gives you the opportunity to use your hot tub for more than relaxing evenings easing your aching muscles after a long day at work but it’s a great way to have some garden entertainment for friends or family on days when you’re not at work and when the kids are on holiday from school.

If you’re going to have kids getting in and out of your hot tub then you need to think about setting up everything around the tub, tables and chairs, food and bbq so that if there are no adults in the tub they can sit next to it to supervise as children can’t be left unsupervised in the water at any time.

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Whether you are entertaining your own family or friends you need to make sure that you have checked the water status and added any chemicals required before the party starts you may want to invest in some floating led lights for an entertaining light show which will be especially enjoyable in the evening.

Make sure you have everything ready at hand that might be required by people throughout the day like a dry towel area. Make sure your guests remember their swimsuits if they want to use the hot tub and you can always have some spares available in case anyone forgets or has an accident. Ask your guests to rinse out their costumes beforehand in water to try and remove any detergent that might be sitting in the fabric as that can fill your tub up with suds when the bubbles start. You can also have your shower available so you can encourage everyone to shower off before enjoying the hot tub.

Set up a container of water next to the hot tub for your guests to wash their feet before entering the pool so you don’t have a lot of grass and dirt floating on the top of the water. You may want to keep on hand some one size fits all slippers so that your guests have something to put on when they get out of the water.

Food and drink

Spending a lot of time in the hot tub can be very dehydrating so make sure you have plenty of drinks available, you can buy drinks trays that sit over the side of the tub where you can place your glasses and if you make sure that you use plastic glasses you’ll never have to worry about broken glass near anyones feet or your inflatable hot tub. If you have adult guests try not to serve too much alcoholic beverage while they are in the hot tub or at least try and serve some non-alcoholic in between as alcohol is also very dehydrating.

If you prepare a lot of finger food for your guests it’s much easier to satisfy all appetites and it’s much easier for children. If you have a table and chairs set up next to the hot tub it will be easier to get people to sit and eat before going back into the hot tub so you’re not fishing out bits of food as the day goes on.

Why not set up a playlist of songs that are entertaining and fun without being too raucous, if you add plenty of songs on it and make it a few hours long you needn’t worry about it throughout your day and you won’t have repeating songs or have to think about it when you’re trying to enjoy the day too.

Hot Tub Games

So people don’t get bored with just sitting in the water especially in between runs of your bubble jets you might want to think about what hot tub games can be played for entertainment. There is nothing to stop you from using a pack of waterproof playing cards to play card games in the water. If you need a table to hold the pack of cards while playing you can use an upside down frisbee which should make a useable table in the water. Card games span all age ranges to you can include the kids as well as the adults.

There are waterproof floating board games that can be bought that can be used in the hot tub to play checkers, chess or backgammon.

You can buy some floating toys like rubber ducks or floating boats and you can have races using straws to blow them along or you can try putting a few in the water and getting everyone to try not to be touched by the toys, if they get touched they have to get out of the water.

How about charades, you can divide into teams and the water won’t stop you being able to give clues and might even help, lot’s of fun to be had there and you can also write out some cards with programs, films and books on them if people can’t think up their own and someone can control that from outside the hot tub.

When everyone is tired and just want to relax in the tub you can play cloud shapes if there are clouds in the sky or if it is now the evening you can do some star watching and see if you can identify any of them.


Your hot tub can be a luxurious place to go to get away from the world and reset yourself for the next day but you can also bring it in and include it to entertain your family when you are all together and friends too. Portable hot tubs like the Coleman Saluspa 4 person are low cost and easy to install so if you don’t have a hot tub and would like one why not check it out.

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