Coleman Hot Tub – Pros and Cons




Coleman Hot Tub – Pros and Cons

Coleman SaluspaWhen looking for an inflatable hot tub I would be surprised if you haven’t heard about the Coleman Saluspa(Lay Z Spa)Hot Tub which are one of the most popular choices that customers have made. If you’re serious about buying a hot tub you’ll probably be reading as many reviews as you can to get as well informed as you can. We thought we’d go over what customers are saying and give a list of pros and cons to help you out.

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Coleman Hot Tub Overview

This Coleman hot tub has a bright green outer layer with a white inner lining. It’s 77 inches in diameter and can seat 4-6 people although it is probably more comfortable with only 4. It can be set up in the garden or in the garage or basement wherever you want to place it as long as it’s a flat surface. All you need is the ability to plug it into an electrical outlet and be able to fill it with water and have a drain within reach when you have to empty it.

You get a ground mat in the pack so that you have some insulation between the tub and the ground and it is also a bubble mat so you get a little extra padding when you’re sitting on the bottom of the tub. The hot tub has bubble jets around the base which gives you a soothing massage in water that you can heat up to 104F to give you an all round relaxing experience. Check out the pros and cons below.


Easy to set up

One of the best things about a portable hot tub is the fact that you don’t have to have any tools to get set up. Locate the space you want to set up in and lay down your ground mat. Open up the hot tub on top of the ground mat and using the inflation hose attached to the hot tub pump unit with the gauge attached inflate your tub until the gauge reads 1.2 then it’s filled to the right level. Don’t forget to inflate the inside of the cover, as you’ll need it when you set the heater going.

Attach the control unit to the inflated Coleman hot tub using the marked connectors, they should match up no problem and it’s easy to hand tighten them both together. Screw in the filters, make sure the drain plug on the bottom is closed and then you’re ready to fill up with water. There is a mark on the inside of the tub so you know the correct level of water to fill it to. This is a simple outline of what needs doing. There is a dvd included to show you exactly what to do. You can have your tub filled in next to no time.

Easy to use control panel

Once you have the water in you’re ready to heat it up. The digital control panel included with the Coleman Saluspa is easy to use with an automatic start/stop timer-controlled heating system. With a single press of the button to unlock the controls press the heat button to start the heating process press the arrow button to set the temperature required. Place the cover over the tub as that will keep the heat in.

When you get your tub to the correct temperature you will need to use some chemicals for water maintenance, there is a chemical floater included. You can buy chemical kits from or go to your local pool shop for advice. Note: there is a 72 hour automatic hibernation process on the pump which you need to override by resetting the temperature otherwise it will just shut down.When you’re ready to try your tub it’s only a press of a button to start the bubble massage and you can have 30 minutes non stop relaxation.

Durable and comfortable

The Coleman hot tub is made of puncture resistant material on the exterior which is made of 3 layers,2 layers of pvc with a mesh core between them so that is strong and durable. The walls of the tub are made using i-beam construction which gives a rigidity to the sides so you can sit on them without them collapsing under your weight but you still get the comfort factor too.

When you use the tub you have to sit on the floor which may sound uncomfortable but with the padded floor mat and the padding in the base of the tub it is quite comfortable to sit on. If you find the tub a bit too deep to feel relaxed you can buy inflatable seats that can give you a boost. You can also use these for your kids.


Takes a long time to heat up

One of the biggest complaints from buyers is the time it takes to heat up the water in the  Coleman Saluspa hot tub from filling it. It can take up to 24 hours to heat to your desired temperature depending on the temperature of the water you fill your tub with.

Can’t use heat and jets at the same time

Another annoyance for people is the fact that as soon as you select the bubble jets then the heater switches off. The bubbles from the jets cool the water which can become noticeable after 30 minutes.

No accessories included

There are accessories that you can get for inflatable hot tubs but the only thing included with the Coleman Hot tub is the chemical floater. If you want cup holders so you can have a drink while you’re soaking or if you feel the need for a headrest then you will have to purchase them separately. You can also buy lights to give added enjoyment if you like that kind of thing.


Weighing up the pros and cons of inflatable hot tubs, the Coleman hot tubis a great option to go for. It offers you the pleasure of a bubble massage in a heated tub at a value price. The tub and pump are good quality but you don’t get much in extras over and above this. To be honest you don’t need seats or cup holders to enjoy your hot tub so it probably isn’t going to be a deal breaker.

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