MSPA M-029S Premium Soho Outdoor Spas




Portable hot tub
MSPA M-029S Premium Soho Outdoor Spas

If you have enjoyed sitting in a spa and would like your own at home so you can do it as often as you would like then you might like to consider a portable hot tub like the MSPA M-029S Premium Soho Outdoor Spas.

The benefit of owning your own spa is the fact you can enjoy a bubble massage whenever you have a spare 30 minutes. In this review we’ll be looking at what features this hot tub offers so you can decide whether it’s worth finding out more.

Check out the MSPA M-029S Premium Soho Outdoor Spas to enjoy your own daily bubble massage

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MSPA M-029S Premium Soho Review

Features offered:-

  • Premium Outdoor Spa
  • 132 air jets
  • Whisper Quiet Technology
  • LED touch screen control panel
  • White w/black leather deco trim
  • Built in heater
  • 6 layer laminated pvc, extremely durable

Spa tub

This portable hot tub is a square shaped black and white 4-6 person spa. The MSPA spa is made of a polyester silver mesh fabric with black leather trim and includes a 6 layer reinforced pvc liner. Tests have shown that this fabric is 25% thicker than other makes of hot tubs for sale and the liner, as well as being resistant to tears and abrasions is protected from uv rays and frost. The tub itself is made using i-beam construction giving added strength so you can be seated on the side without problem or lean against it comfortably when sitting inside.

The tub measures 73 inches square fully inflated with the internal space measuring 57 inches square and the height is 27 inches, it can hold up to 245 gallons although it should be filled to the line on the inside of the tub which gives you the minimum and maximum for safe use of the filters and heaters.

There is a lid for the hot tub which can be attached with buckles that have safety catches which are not easily removed to give a little extra safety when you have children around although they shouldn’t be allowed around it unsupervised. There is also an inflatable bladder which on other hot tubs is usually attached to the cover but on this hot tub it is separate, so when heating the water and to hold the heat in between uses you would lay the inflatable bladder on the top of the tub and place the cover over it which you then lock on.

Pump unit and inflation

In many portable hot tubs the pump unit is attached to the outside of the pump but on this spa it is incorporated in the wall of the tub. The control panel is attached to the connection points on the outside of the tub, the inflation hose is attached to the control panel and into the tub with the manometer attached and when you press the bubble button it will inflate the tub. The manometer has a small white button showing but as the tub inflates that button will push out and when it is at the right pressure it will push out to the green level. If it pushes out to the red level then it is over inflated and needs some air releasing, overinflation means you have more chance of causing tears and splits to the joins. The instructions are included in the manual and explained in the DVD included. The tub can be filled with a garden hose and once filled the filter can be locked into place. The control panel has an on/off button, centigrade/Fahrenheit button, filter button, bubbles button, heater button and up and down arrows to control the temperature to the level you prefer. The heater will heat up the water to 42C if you prefer it at that heat at the touch of the button, you will need the bladder and cover on to conserve the heat inside the tub.

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Bubble jets

There are 132 airjets around the base of the tub which supplies your bubble massage. One of the differences in this spa compared to others is the 3 speed option on the bubbles, you can choose low, medium or high powered bubbles so you can find the level that gives you the most relaxing experience. The levels are easily adjusted with the LCD touch screen on the control panel which is easily accessed while you are sitting in the tub so if you’ve had a long day and want gentle bubble relaxation that is simply had at a touch of a button. The spa pump includes a whisper technology which keeps the noise level down while using the bubbles so it doesn’t interfere with your relaxation or that of your neighbours.


There are 2 filters included in with the Premium Soho Spa which are easily installed and changed and spares are also available from There is also an integrated ozone generator which assists in sanitization alongside chemicals to keep your water sparkling clean.


At the end of the season it’s easy to empty your hot tub for storage. There is an adapter included to attach your garden hose so that you can drain the water from your tub, it needs to be cleaned out with soap and water before drying thoroughly, then it can be deflated and stored.


This MSPA M-029S Premium Soho Outdoor Spa offers a different and smart looking solution to enjoying family time in your own back garden. It is a little higher in cost than some 4-6 person tubs but if you want something a little bit different to what is offered by other well known portable hot tub suppliers then the 3 levels of bubble massage, the ozone generator and the square shape might sway you to consider this MSPA hot tub.

Why not head over to and check out the product page on the MSPA M-029S Premium Soho Outdoor Spa.

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