Intex 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub – Why go large?




Intex 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub – Why go large?

Intex 6 Person Inflatable Hot TubIf you have been thinking about investing in an inflatable hot tub, you may have been wondering about the best size tub to buy. Maybe you’ve been thinking about an Intex 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub but you’re not sure about going large. We thought we’d give you some reasons to consider the 6 person hot tub and go over the features of 2 different tubs so you can see what Intex has to offer

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The main reasons people go for a bigger tub

The obvious main reason is the size, the Intex 6 person inflatable hot tub comes in a large 85 inch diameter size. This size lets you seat 6 people if you know them well, 4 or 5 with a bit more space. You have to take into consideration whether you have a space big enough to take that extra 8 inches in diameter and to stand the pump on the outside of it. If you have a larger family or want to invite friends to your house for a spa party this is a good size hot tub to invest in.

Quality of Intex tubs

Intex offer a range of hot tubs of various sizes and colors, the most popular being the Intex 4 person inflatable hot tub which is usually 77 inches in diameter. The quality of the tubs are give you a strong and durable outer which is easy to set up. The pump that comes with your hot tub is also used to inflate it, so you don’t have to blow it up yourself or use a foot pump for an hour. The material used to make these tubs is triple thickness and laminated and when it’s inflated it’s very comfortable to sit in.

A relaxing experience

If you try a hot tub somewhere it always feels good to sit in the warm water and enjoy the relaxing massage from the bubbles. Most people aren’t in a position to buy and fit a static hot tub in their home but an inflatable spa can give you the same level of pleasure at an affordable price and you can use it on a daily basis. There’s nothing better than coming home from work and being able to spend some time in the evening relaxing in the heated water and letting the aches and pains of the day float away.

Intex portable 6-person inflatable purespa plus bubble spa – 28409E

One of the 6 person hot tub bundles that Intex have to offer is the Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub | 28409E. This is a dark blue hot tub which is 85 inches in diameter and includes 170 bubble jets for the massage experience.

This is very easy to set up and using the included pump you can have it ready for water in 20 minutes. All the instructions are included in the Intex hot tub manual which comes in the pack. The insulated ground sheet comes with the hot tub to help it hold in the heat and protect it from sharp bits on the ground. The hot tub also comes with an inflatable cover which is placed over the tub when heating the water and in between uses to hold in the water heat.

Press button control panel

The control panel which is located on top of the pump unit is simple to use and when the unit is attached to the hot tub the controls can be accessed when you are sitting in the tub. The heat preference of the water can be selected here, the highest heat it can reach is 104F which is the standard heat for a hot tub but you can adjust it down to suit you or outside conditions. The filters are also controlled via the panel and of course the bubble jets. You can set the timer to come on for heating and filtering the water.

Chemical floater

To clean the water for continued use you need filters which need to be changed regularly, most people keep a few and wash them out when removed with a garden hose so you can rotate them. A chemical floater is included in the pack for chlorine tablets. You need water maintenance for safe use and to stop your tub growing algae. A pool shop will help you with the right stuff required or you can buy starter kits from


Extras that come with this bundle is 2 headrests for you to lean against and it comes with an LED light which can be set at different colors or you can set it to phase through the colors which is fun in lower light. There are other accessories available for hot tubs that you can purchase which include inflatable seats, useful if you aren’t very tall or for children. You can also get drinks holders so you can have a drink in the pool while relaxing.

Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

Another option that Intex offer is the 85 inch purespa. In terms of function it is very similar to the 28409E. It comes in a tan color and has the same pump and control panel options. This hot tub only has 140 bubble jets but I’m not sure you would notice that when you are sitting inside enjoying it. The main differences are the accessories and color, there are no headrests or LED lights with this hot tub but they are built to the same quality and work in the same way.

Where to buy

At the moment these Intex hot tub Amazon prices are almost the same. The Intex portable 6-person spa with it’s accessories is working out to be good value. There are other places you can buy your Intex hot tubs but you can get a very good variety on and their returns policy and prime options makes buying from them a pleasant experience.


The Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub | 28409E is a great choice if you want that extra space in your hot tub. This would be our recommendation at this time although it’s worth checking for offers on this and the Intex 85 inch as you may pick them up at a bargain price.

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