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Hot Tub Gazebo

Have you decided to invest in a hot tub for the back garden? If you’re spending a bit of time in there you might find some benefit to getting a hot tub gazebo.

Why should you buy a gazebo for your hot tub?

There are one or two reasons why you might find a gazebo useful:


If you’re back yard is overlooked by your neighbours, especially from above, creating a small enclosure for your portable hot tub can give enough privacy to make you feel comfortable while having the ability to use the walls if you need even more.

UVA Protection

If you spend a lot of time in the open air while using your spa you might not realise how much sun you’re getting. The same for other members of your family. You can also get the suns rays reflecting off the water. Some shade can make the experience much more comfortable with less chance of sun stroke.

Bad Weather

On the other hand, if the weather is a bit wet you have overhead protection while you sit in the hot tub. Some gazebo’s have sides which can be attached and removed to suit the weather so you can add protection where you need it.

Bug Protection

At different times of the year or even different times of the day you may be bothered by flying insects. There’s nothing worse than constantly flicking away the flies while you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors. Many hot tub gazebos have mesh walls that can be used for comfort without taking away the pleasure of the outside breeze and the view of your garden.

There are many different types of gazebo from pop up to fixed. Why not check out our choices to see if they would suit your requirements.

5 Gazebos For Your Back Yard

Best Pop Up Shelter

pop up gazeboThis Coleman Screened Canopy Tent can offer sun protection while you are using your hot tub while the sides can protect from bugs. The sides are mesh so you’ll still get the benefit of fresh air moving through.

This is great if you want the option of cover in a few minutes with easy storage if you don’t want it there all of the time.

It has two large door panels, one on either side to make it easy to access.

It’s designed in a hexagon shape taking up space of 12 x 10 feet. The centre height is 8ft 4 ins so there will be no issue even if you’re very tall and you can secure it all down with guide ropes.

Whether you have a circular hot tub or a square one this should cover it well with room to move around.

As this is portable and not a permanent structure you can use it in other situations where you might want cover and be bug free like eating outside.

Best Heavy Duty Gazebo

heavy duty gazeboThis Outsunny garden gazebo includes the metal frame, the canopy and the removable curtains. The coated polyester fabric gives you protection from the damp weather and shade from too much sun.

It’s 8ft 7ins tall at the centre so you should have no problem with any of your family or friends touching their heads on the canopy.

The metal frame gives a sturdy structure and metal stakes let you fix it in place so there’s no worry of it blowing into your neighbours back yard. You can also screw it down onto decking.

The canopy is a two-tier design so that you get plenty of ventilation and it also helps with allowing the wind through so it doesn’t lift the canopy off.

It’s 10 x 13 feet which gives you a roomy area and should cover most hot tubs with ease. The curtains are easily removed if you don’t need them or can be used on any or all of the sides if you need some privacy or protection.

This isn’t the cheapest gazebo on offer but it is reasonably priced for what it offers. It’s stylish and practical so you can get the best use from your hot tub in all weathers.

Best Hard Top Gazebo

Hard top gazeboThe YOLENY Outdoor Polycarbonate Hardtop Gazebo is a large size of 10 x 13ft with the sturdiness and protection of an aluminium frame and solid canopy.

The canopy itself is made from a polycarbonate which is lightweight, waterproof, uv proof and it allows the light through. It has two-tiers so that the air can flow through, especially when you have the sides on.

The frame is constructed with a non-rusting, high strength aluminium alloy. This is the kind of metal used in aerospace technology. The feet have pre-drilled holes so that you can secure it to the ground and the top of the posts attach with a tripod structure to the frame so it isn’t going to be moving anywhere once it’s in place.

This hot tub gazebo comes with a mesh bug curtain which can be zipped up at the corners so you can get the benefit of the outdoors without the annoyance of the bugs. There is also included a standard set of curtains which can be used with the mesh curtains for double protection if you wish or on their own.

With hooks above on the frame so you can light it up at night you will get the benefit of use from morning till night.

This is a more expensive model but will give every kind of protection you might need while using your jacuzzi.

Best Waterproof Gazebo with walls

waterproof gazeboIf you’re looking for a gazebo setup which isn’t permanent but offers stability and is easy enough to put up for one person the ABCCanopy 10×10 Gazebo might just fit the bill.

You might not have the space to want to fit a more permanent structure over your hot tub but if you need some protection from the weather this canopy is a great choice. It has removable walls with window panels in them so you can just take advantage of the overhead cover or have full privacy if you need it. It can easily be staked into place and also has guide ropes for added strength.

This is 10 x 10 although there are bigger options available. You can adjust the height to suit what you want as you can choose from 3 settings.

Keep this stored in the garage in the bag which is included for when you might need it. You can also easily move this from your hot tub when you’ve finished using it and set it up elsewhere in the garden for outdoor entertaining.

Best Gazebo with Sides

gazebo with sidesIf you want a gazebo that doesn’t break the bank but comes with both mesh curtains and solid walls then you will like the Quictent 12×12 ft Gazebo.

It’s a reasonable size that can cover any portable hot tub with room to spare. The metal frame needs to be assembled but can be secured to the ground for a more permanent solution.

The coated polyester cover and sides gives uva protection from the sun and waterproofing from the rain.

Stay safe from being bitten by using the mesh wall panels provided and if you want extra protection from the wind or just from prying eyes uses the solid walls. Or if you don’t need any of that just tie them back onto the frame.


Make the most of your back yard and your hot tub this summer with a gazebo. Don’t let yourself or your kids get caught out with sunstroke when you can have a simple protective cover. Make the most of your hot tub in all weathers, stay comfortable with easy fitted walls that you can use individually to screen from the wind. You can even create a bug free environment where you can enjoy the open air without the bites. Check out whats available today.

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