M-SPA MSPA Tekapo Relaxation and Hydrotherapy 6 Person Square Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Bubble D-TE06 (Latest 2018 Model)




M-SPA MSPA Tekapo 6 Person Square Hot TubWe’re looking today at a new portable hot tub for 2018 the M-SPA MSPA Tekapo 6 Person Square Hot Tub. Sometimes if feels more comfortable nestling into a corner and you will find this tub very comfortable.

This is definitely the right time of year to make the most of a portable hot tub as you will be able to enjoy the next few months of warmer weather experiencing the outdoors while relaxing with a bubble massage.

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Check out the M-SPA MSPA Tekapo 6 Person Square Hot Tub if you want to treat your family to some daily relaxation.

M-SPA MSPA Tekapo Review


  • BUBBLE AIR JETS: 132 effervescent air jets deliver thousands of gentle, caressing bubbles that massage your body
  • RHINO TECH: Charcoal grey Rhino Tech 6-layer reinforced PVC cover material
  • SAFETY BUCKLE COVER FOR CHILD SAFETY: Safety buckle design connects the top lid to the ground mat
  • AUTO FILTRATION: Four hour auto-filtration function leaves your water crisp and clean.
  • CAPACITY and POWER: Up to 6 Bather Capacity and Powerful with 110V-120V

M-SPA MSPA Tekapo is a very elegant black exterior with a navy interior. The size of this hot tub is 72.83 x 72.83 x 26.77 in and is meant to seat 6 people.

Rhino Tech

The Tekapo is made of Rhino tech material which has 6 layers and is reinforced so that you have the durability you need to get the best out of your portable hot tub. This is what gives the sides strength to allow you to sit on them without collapsing.

Fast set up

It’s very easy to set up and can take as little as 10 minute with the patented self-inflating system. Lay the ground mat on the floor where you are setting up your hot tub. You want to be within reach of an outside electrical outlet and have a level surface which is clear of any stones or sharp objects. Place your hot tub in the centre and open it out. The pump and heating unit is installed inside the wall of the hot tub. Follow the electrical safety check before going any further.

Electrical safety check

There is included in the pack of the M-SPA MSPA Tekapo a PRCD (portable residual current device) at the end of the power cord to check the electrical system before using the spa. When you have electricity and water in the same vicinity it’s a good thing to be able to check it’s safe.

Once you have plugged in the power cord press the top button of the PRCD and the display on the handset attached to the tub should come on, press the bottom button and the display should go off. If this happens the electrics are safe. You can carry on and inflate. Press the top button to turn on the spa and you are ready to inflate. Turn on the white inflation valve on the side of the spa and press the bubble button on the handset. It doesn’t take long to inflate then turn off the inflation valve and the bubble button to stop and check the pressure gauge.

Inflate to the right level

On the side of the M-SPA MSPA Tekapo there is an air pressure gauge attached  so that you can check that you have inflated the tub enough but not too much. The indicator should point out to the green line if you have enough air in it. Fill the tub with water to the minimum water line and then check the gauge again as the water will add more pressure. If it pushes out to the white line you need to release a little bit of air to get back to green.

You can now press the heater button to start heating the water, you can adjust the temperature to suit your comfort level with the up and down buttons. You can set the timer function on the handset so it will automatically heat up for as long as you require. It will automatically turn off when it reaches the correct temperature.


Use the cover included to cover the hot tub to keep the heat in. The lid buckles to the attachments on the ground mat and zips around the top of the tub. This gives you a layer of protection for your kids and your pets but you should never leave them unattended near the spa.

There’s a children’s safe mode on the  Tekapo hot tub which is easily set by pressing the up and down arrow buttons on the handset for around 3 seconds, this stops any of the buttons from working. Just repeat the action to take the child safe mode off.

Bubble Air Jets

Check the bubbles work ok by pressing the bubble button, there are 132 bubble jets around the base of the hot tub to give you a relaxing massage. You can choose whether you just enjoy the heat of the water or the bubbles by using the handset.

The included filter just screws onto the base near the water lines. You should now press the filter button on and it should show green, if it flashes between green and red then that means that the filter needs changing.

Water Maintenance

Although you have a filter you will still need to use chemicals like chlorine or bromine for regular water maintenance. You can buy maintenance kits from Amazon.com or your local pool shop.

Easy to empty and store

The M-SPA MSPA Tekapo is easily emptied, unscrew the end off the drainage hose and if you screw the garden hose adapter into the drainage hose you can easily push the garden hose onto it. Open the drain connector at the bottom of the inside of the tub and then you can direct the water into a drain. When it is empty press the bubble button to remove any water from the piping system and dry out the tub thoroughly before deflating to put away. This is done by unscrewing the inflation valve on the side and pressing out the air as you fold the pool down. Replace the valve afterwards. Pack your hot tub and accessories in the dust bag it came in for storage and it’s ready for you to set up again in the next summer season.

This is a new model of M-SPA with no reviews at present but it is an established and reliable brand.


If you want to be the envy of your friends check out this M-SPA MSPA Tekapo 6 Person Square Hot Tub, it not only looks good but makes you feel good when you use it. The control panel sits in a pocket on the side and is easy to access whenever you need to start the bubbles and you can easily adjust the temperature depending on whether it’s hot outside. This is incredibly easy to set up and is worthy of consideration.

Find out more about the M-SPA MSPA Tekapo 6 Person Square Hot Tub at Amazon.com

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