Best Intex Hot Tub 2018 – Intex 77in PureSpa




Best Intex Hot Tub 2018 – Intex 77in PureSpa

Best Intex Hot Tub 2018We thought we’d take a look at what are the Best Intex Hot Tub 2018 and why we feel you should consider this brand and what they can offer you in terms of an inflatable hot tub that makes them stand out from the crowd.

We’ll be looking at reasons why you should by an Intex portable hot tub and what questions you might ask before buying so that you choose the best Intex spa for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Our top choice is the Intex 77in PureSpa because it is the best priced and most popular Intex portable spa. Read our full review here or click the banner below to get straight through to for more in depth details.

Inflatable hot tubs

An inflatable hot tub is usually made of multi layered poly material with strengtheners so that when it’s inflated it is firm enough to sit on the side without collapsing and comfortable enough to lean against while sitting in it.

These hot tubs come with a pump which attaches to it, firstly to inflate the tub then to heat and control the bubble action. Like standard jacuzzis and spas you need to add chemicals for water maintenance to keep the water safe and you need to keep a cover on when not it use to hold the water heat in.

Why would you want an Intex blow up hot tub?

The benefit of any portable hot tub is in the description, it’s portable. If you live in a rented home where you might not be allowed to have a full installation of a hot tub you can site these portable hot tubs anywhere you have a flat surface in the garden and all you need is an outdoor electrical outlet within reach of it.

The other reason people like to have a portable hot tub is so that when the weather gets really cold they can take it down and put it away until the next spring/summer season comes along. Some people also like to move their spa into a garage or basement in the winter months for year round use.

Questions to ask yourself before buying an Intex inflatable spa

How many users

The first thing you need to consider is how many people will be using the hot tub on a regular basis. If you are only 2 with the occasional extras then a regular size Intex spa hot tub like the Intex 77in PureSpa will give you more than enough space to stretch out comfortably with 2 people and you can sit in fairly comfortably with 4 people. If you have more people who will use it regularly then you might want to go large and check out the Intex 85 inch which will seat 6 people.

Space available

Portable hot tubs give you a range of sizes so if you have a limited in space you can take that into account. A small tub is usually 71 inches in diameter, standard size is 77 inches and large size is 85 inches. They all have a pump control that sits on the outside of the tub and they can all hold different amounts of water which can affect the weight of the filled tub, which you may have to take into account if you want to place it on a deck.


If you invest in an intex pure spa portable hot tub you will be able to install it yourself so you don’t have the cost of purchase then another cost of installation on top. It’s very easy to install by yourself and the longest part is filling with water and waiting for it to heat up to your required temperature.


You have to weigh up the overall costs of a portable inflatable hot tub against a portable hard shell hot tub or an installed built in hot tub. The water maintenance will be similar and the cost of the water heating too.

The cost of an inflatable is much cheaper and you should get more than a years use out of it although it might not last as long as a moulded portable or a built in. If you own your home or are in a long term let and can afford it then you might think about the more expensive options for the longevity but for many the cost is a limiting factor and getting the benefits of an Intex inflatable spa at a more affordable price is worth it.

Best Intex Hot Tub 2018

Top Choice – Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

This Intex 77in PureSpa fits up to 4 people and is the main size that’s sold because it covers the majority of needs.

Everything that you need comes in the box including a ground cloth to give you some protection against uneven ground or sharp bits puncturing the base of the hot tub. You just need to find a level part of your garden and your good to go.

It doesn’t take much time to inflate your intex 4 person inflatable hot tub, you get full instructions included explaining how you can use the pump unit to do it.

People wonder how easy it is to get into this hot tub and you will find it very easy with the Fiber-Tech construction the sides are firm and only 28 inches tall. You just need to sit on the side, turn as you lift you legs into the water and then lower yourself into the hot tub. You sit on the bottom of the tub but it is surprisingly comfortable.

The water can be heated to 104F which is the standard for hot tubs but it can be adjusted if you want it a bit cooler especially in the summer if you prefer to keep it cooler.

There are 120 holes around the base of the hot tub and that is where the bubbles come from. This is a very relaxing bubble massage that makes it a pleasure to sit in.

The price of this Intex hot tub is less than $400 which is why it is so popular with families.

Find out more about the Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set at

Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa SetThe Intex 85in PureSpa is the big brother of our top choice and it is larger and capable of holding up to 6 people. If you have a larger family or want to use your hot tub for some outside parties this would be a better one to go for.

The 85 inch is built to the same standard as the 77 inch with the same features except for the size. These Intex inflatable spas come with a fitted cover for the top of hot tub. The covers have an inflatable insert to insulate against heat loss and have fasteners that can be locked for a little bit of safety.

This hot tub will hold more water so take a little bit longer to heat up initially. You need to be aware that it can take 24 hours to heat the water to your required temperature depending on the heat of the water you have filled it with.

You get 140 bubble jets around the base of this Intex 85 inch to give you the same level of relaxation and the control panel is easy to use. Just a simple press of a button and you get 30 minutes of bubbly relaxation.

There is a water softener system in this Intex portable hot tub which uses an electromagnet field to pass the water over. This crystallises the calcium and minerals and these crystals are caught in the filters. The point of this is to stop all of the furring on the heating elements keeping your hot tub in great working order for a lot longer.

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Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub | 28409E

Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub | 28409EThis Intex Pure Spa 6-Person is a large 85 inch diameter hot tub with a couple of accessories to make it more comfortable.

All Intex hot tubs are inflated with the main pump and can be set up within 15-30 minutes ready to fill with water. Put on the cover and allow it to heat up.

Every hot tub, jacuzzi or spa needs some water maintenance. There are some testing strips included in this set and a floating chlorine dispenser. You can get chlorine tablets from you local pool shop or from You can get full starter kits too with instructions.

This hot tub is a very smart navy color and comes with a couple of headrests to make it a little more comfortable if you need it. If you find when you sit in the hot tub you feel too low in the water (this might happen for children or shorter people) then you can invest in an inflatable booster seat to put in the bottom.

When the season comes to an end and you want to pack away your hot tub until the next year the Intex hot tubs come with a storage bag to keep it well wrapped up and protected.

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Intex 120 Bubble Jets 4 Person Octagonal PureSpa

Intex 120 Bubble Jets 4 Person Octagonal PureSpaIf you want something just a little bit different why not check out this Intex 120 Bubble Jets 4 Person Octagonal PureSpa. This geometric shape can be more pleasing to the eye and the grey color fits in nicely.

This Intex hot tub is 79 x 79 x 28 inches in size and fits 4 people comfortably. It’s made to the same standard as all Intex inflatable hot tubs and is as easy to install.

When you’re in an octagonal shaped tub it gives you your own corner to sit in and is easy for face to face interaction.

The bubble jets are situated around the base of the tub for the fun part and it’s easily controlled at touch as the controls are easily reachable from inside the hot tub. You also have the ability to adjust the heat of your tub to what is comfortable for you.

This Intex hot tub comes with a lockable cover with inflatable insert to keep your water at the highest temperature.

Find out more about the Intex 120 Bubble Jets 4 Person Octagonal PureSpa at


Depending on what size and shape of a hot tub you are looking for there is an Intex hot tub to cover you needs at a reasonable price. They don’t need a specialist installer and all the information you need to do it yourself is included. In a short time you can be lounging in your own hot tub making the most of your garden. If you want the Best Intex Hot Tub 2018 in our opinion then check out the Intex 77in PureSpa for a great value option.